An Affiliate of the International
Union of Geological Sciences

GSAf Council 2016-2020

GSAf is run by an elected Council led by its President who is supported closely by a Secretary General and an Honorary Treasurer. These officials are in turn supported by the Council Members, comprising five Regional Vice-Presidents representing Northern, East, West, Central and Southern Africa, five Councillors elected to strengthen the regional structure and transnational objectives and programmes of the Society an Assistant Secretary General and an Editor. Council elections take place every four years during the Society's major international conferences.

The Society is affiliated to the International Union of Geological Sciences. It supports the establishment of national geological societies and the development of close links with other national associations. Through its membership and its affiliated societies, it assists and promotes training courses, workshops and conferences. It also participates, through its membership, in international research programmes in Africa and is particularly concerned with the application of geoscience to mitigate the social and economic problems affecting the continent. The Society issues a newsletter to its members and contributions are always welcomed by the Editor.

Membership of the Society is open to individuals and institutions and new members are always welcomed. It is aimed particularly at practising earth scientists and companies working in Africa and others with interests in African geology and related subjects, including training, development and environmental issues. Inquiries should be made in the first instance to the key officials whose addresses is given under council members (2016-2020).

Olugbenga Okunlola President 
Prof. Gbenga Okunlola (Nigeria): 
Department of Geology, 
University of Ibadan. 
Dr. Maideyi Lydia Meck Secretary General 
Dr. Maideyi Lydia Meck
Geology Department
University of Zimbabwe
Asfawossen Asrat Honorary Treasurer 
Prof. Asfawossen Asrat (Ethiopia):
Department of Earth Sciences, 
Addis Ababa University, 
P.O.Box 1176, 
Addis Ababa, 
Prof. Prosper M. Nude Assistant Secretary General/Membership Secretary
Prof. Prosper M. Nude
Department of Earth Science, University of Ghana,
Wlady Altermann Vice President for Southern Africa 
Prof. Dr. Dr. Wlady Altermann
Kumba-Exxaro Chair in Geodynamics
Department of Geology
Mineral Sciences Building, 3-50
University of Pretoria
0002 Pretoria, RSA
Tel.: +27 12 4204137
Fax: +27 12 3625219
 Professor Youssef Driouch Vice President for Northern Africa 
Prof. Youssef  DRIOUCH
Mohamed Ben Abdallah University (USMBA)
Faculty of sciences Dhar El Mehraz.
Geology department
B.P. 1796. Fez Atlas.
E-Mail:  or
Yao Agbossoumonde Vice President for Western Africa 
Dr. Yao Agbossoumonde
Department of Geology, University of Lome, Togo
Prof. Beneah Daniel Odhiambo Vice President for Eastern Africa 
Prof. Beneah Daniel Odhiambo, PhD
Moi University
P. O. Box 3900
Eldoret – 30100
Léon Bora Uzima Bahavu Vice President for Central Africa 
Mr. Léon Bora Uzima Bahavu
Centre d’Expertise et d’Etudes Géologiques, DRC
Tamer Abu Alam Councillor for Northern Africa 
Dr. Tamer Abu-Alam
Norwegian Polar Institute, Fram Centre, Norway
Anna-Karren Nguno Councillor for Southern Africa 
Ms. Anna- Karren Nguno
Geological Survey of Namibia
Adama Sangare Councillor for Western Africa 
Dr.Adama Sangare
IAMGOLD Exploration Mali S.A.R.L
Jean-Claude Ngaruye Councillor for Eastern Africa 
Mr. Jean-Claude Ngaruye
Energy, Water and Sanitation Authority, Kigali, Rwanda
Pending Councillor for Central Africa 
Lopo Vasconcelos Editor/Information Officer 
Prof. Lopo Vasconcelos (Mozambique): 
Department of Geology, 
Eduardo Mondlane University
Aberra Mogessie Past president
Prof. Aberra Mogessie (Ethiopia/Austria): 
Institute of Earth Sciences,
University of Graz, 
Universitaetsplatz 2, 
A-8010 Graz,