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Union of Geological Sciences

GSAf Fellowship Award

The Geological Society of Africa (GSAf) is pleased to announce the resumption of its Fellowship Award Program in recognition of those who contributed to the advance of science in all fields of the African Geology. Below are the terms and regulation of the nomination and selection process of the Fellowship.

  1. The nomination of individuals for the fellowship is an annual event and the deadline for nominations is the first of November of each year. Nominations should be received by the Fellowship Selection Committee on or before the deadline of each year. Nominations that will be received after the deadline of the year will be considered for the following year. 
  2. An individual can nominate another individual for the Fellowship. An individual can not apply by himself/herself for the fellowship. An individual can nominate only one individual per year. 
  3. If an individual choose to nominate another individual for the Fellowship, it is his responsibility to submit the following to the Fellowship Selection Committee: 
    1. A nomination letter outlining the contribution of the nominee to the advance of African Geology; 
    2. The nominee resume; and 
    3. A minimum of one nomination support letter from another individual. 
  4. The Fellowship Selection Committee will review the nominations and select the potential Geological Society of Africa Fellows for the year and seek the approval of the Geological Society of Africa Council on or before the first of December of each year. 
  5. Upon approval of the Geological Society of Africa Council, the Fellowship Selection Committee will contact the selected individual informing him/her of his/her award of the Geological Society of Africa Fellowship. 
  6. The new Geological Society of Africa Fellows will receive the "Geological Society of Africa Fellowship Certificate" to be sent to them and/or presented to them during a ceremony to be held during the Geological Society of Africa Meeting or the Colloquium of African Geology Meeting that comes after the fellowship award selection process is completed. 

Please send your nomination to:
Prof.Mohamed G. Abdelsalam
Graduate Advisor (Geology and Geophysics)
Missouri University of Science and Technology (MS&T)
Department of Geological Science & Engineering
129 McNutt Hall
1400 North Bishop
Rolla, MO, 65409573-341-4100

Geological Society of Africa Fellowship Selection Committee 
A. Mogessie, M. Abdelsalam, F. Toteu and J. Bennett